September already?

That means it's only 16 weeks till Christmas! 

August is Winter here in the southern hemisphere, not a very cold Winter I grant you, but it's still Winter and the wrong weather entirely for Christmas.
So with the change of season, a waft of balmy breeze blows through the window, and my thoughts turn to Christmas.
Actually, any time of year turns my thoughts to Christmas.
I confess I adore, love, and shiver with excitement whenever I think of Christmas.

It's not about the presents or the food .... it's about the sparkle, the anticipation, the warmth of spirit that sweeps in and gathers all in its joyous embrace, until Boxing Day once more draws comfortably to a close.

September brings with it the reminder that Christmas is not that far away.
September is the perfect time to vow "I'll be organised this year ..... I really mean it this time".
September is the time when I reason there is still heaps of time until Christmas. (Self congratulation required here - how terribly clever of me to get started early this year).
September is my downfall.

How to get organised for this Christmas
1. Ask family members if there is anything they would especially like me to make them for Christmas.

Replies 1 & 2 : "We asked for a Christmas tree skirt two years ago! We're still waiting."
Reply 3 : "I'd like a monogrammed stubby cooler like M's (my husband)". Great ... except I didn't make the stubby cooler, my daughter-in-law did.
Reply 4 : "A couple of dishcloths would be good. But don't make them pretty or I won't be able to use them". Excellent ... ugly dishcloths x 2
Reply 5 : "A white dishcloth please". Really? w.h.i.t.e? "I can put it in Napisan and not worry about   the colour fading".... ahhh I understand.

Hooray! Two incredibly intelligent, discerning people with superb taste requested dishcloths.

These yummy coloured yarns will have to wait for another project I think.
The yarn basket to the rescue.
Blue, turquoise and white ... images of sandy beaches caressed gently by well behaved waves trimmed with frilled, white edges .... of sparkling clear water, drifting away to a cloudless, cerulean sky.
Mmm, pretty
A good dishcloth should be sturdy I think, and also have a little texture. 
For stitch pattern inspiration I rummaged through the bookshelf. Websites are great but I love the feel of a book too. This 1986 reference has been reclining restfully for many years and now seems the right time to bring it out. 
My challenge is to find 5 different textures which would make up into good dishcloths.
This is going to be fun!
I hope your days are filled with beautiful colours too,
see you soon,


  1. I have "The Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches", It's a very good guide, I've made several of the pineapple stitch doilies and I love them.

    1. I suspect the book's an old classic? Maybe I should think about a pineapple dishcloth ;) Thank you for saying hello x

  2. I now would like such a big beautiful basket of yarn, and the pool to match please x

  3. Working up different stitch designs is so much fun - I'm doing a blanket like that and I imagine it would be fun to do dishcloths like that too.
    All that pretty yarn has got be craving my knitting needles!

    Sarah x

  4. I love the way you captured the anticipation of Christmas! Your words are magical ... As are the dishcloths! Guess what I'm making for Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration. Xx

    1. :) I'm so happy to be spreading the addiction! Thank you for teaching me that crocheting was a cool thing to do 40 years ago xx

  5. Your pretty squares have been inspiring me Sarah, they are just beautiful! So sorry to take days to reply xo


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