Crocheted sheep beanie hat

My crocheted Baa-ble hat

I've been a little distracted this week. I decided to jump in and give the Baa-able Hat a go , except crocheted instead of knitted as the pattern is written. A bit of a leap of faith, but it worked!

I really fell hard for the Baa-ble hat when my friend Sarah from Say! Little Hen blogged here about the one she had made. Sarah's knitting hugely inspires me and I've been planning to knit myself a Baa-ble hat ever since I saw her's. That was until late one night - when I should have been asleep, I came across the crocheted knit stitch on Pinterest. Light bulb moment ... I could crochet the hat, but it could still look like it was knitted.

The very cute Baa-ble hat pattern is written by Donna Smith of Donna Smith Designs, and her pattern is available here on Ravelry. Like I said, it is knitted. 
I found that crocheting it absolutely devoured the yarn. The yarn requirements are below. There was about 20 cm of the blue yarn left ... lucky. All the yarn is DK/8 ply. 
I used a 4.00 mm hook and a 4.5 mm hook.

I started out with 4.00 mm hook. The stretchy band is crocheted using a half treble front and back post stitch , until my first ball of green almost ran out. There are lots of how-to videos on how to do this stitch if you look for it on the internet.

Swapping to the 4.5 mm hook for the body of the hat made it a little less stiff. Crocheted knit stitch makes up into a denser fabric than if I'd knitted it. 
It's easy to find videos for this stitch on the internet as well, but essentially all it is is just inserting the hook under the top two loops of the stitch below (I think of it as the ... ahem ... stomach of the stitch) and completing a double crochet as you normally would. That's all it is.

I followed Donna's pattern for the sheep and background. A blue and white pom pom would have looked better, but there really was only 20 cm left of the blue yarn!
I'm so delighted with it I wanted to show you my label which I stitched on the inside.


If you happen to be at Knitfest in Maleny at the end of June and you spy my crocheted Baa-ble hat, please say hello 😃 You'll probably find me keeping Sarah and her own Baa-ble hat company at Sarah's Say! Little Hen shop. Yep, she is taking her yummy yarn shop to Knitfest ... hooray!!
I'd better take an extra suitcase with me, just in case ....



  1. You are so clever Kellie! This is amazing! It almost makes me game enough to try crocheting a baable hat but then I I clever enough? Possibly not!

    1. Oh shucks Megan, it's an easy stitch, but those sheep make it look the cutest! We can pencil in some hat crochet and a cuppa, does 5 years time give us enough warning do you think? :) xo

  2. Your hat is so gorgeous Kellie! I can't get over that it's crocheted instead of knitted! I probably never would have guessed if I didn't know, those stitches really do look knitted. I love the colours you've used too, such a pretty blue <3 You're so clever!!!

    1. Isn't it a great crochet stitch Sarah! I found it really hard to put the project down. Thank you very much for introducing me to the Baa-ble hat :) xo


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