Hello beanie

Hello beanie hat

Winter has finally arrived in our beautiful corner of the world, bringing with it maximum temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius and minimum temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius ..... it's a wonderful place to live.

Nevertheless, the drop in temperature during our late afternoon walks, is making the tips of my ears ache. Solution? A beanie! I'll knit one.

"Real" knitters know the meaning of mysterious abbreviations like "yo" and "ssk" (kiss spelt backwards?) Me, I'm more of a have-at-it type of knitter. Knitting a beanie for this Winter, i.e. now, seemed like good idea at the time.

First, decide on the yarn. I found a delicious looking Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran online. I could tell from the number of words in its name, that it would be special. 

Next, choose the colour. Hmmm ... something neutral to go with a maximum number of outfits. I settled on the Silver. 
Silver sounded elegant, refined and alluring. The silver yarn was ordered.

Silver yarn duly arrived. My initial reaction ... I was sure it had a great personality. 
It did feel gorgeous though, being 90% Wool and 10% Angora.

A week later, I've done all of 30 rows! ... and I'm in love with the colour. 
The tweedy flecks give it a subtle lift, and the colour truly is silver, not grey.

Light bulb moment ...
beanies are cosy
beanies are gorgeous
beanies are funky
beanies are NOT elegant, refined or alluring.

I could have gone for pink! Why didn't I go for pink? Pink's a lovely colour!

I shall say goodnight to you, and am off do a spot of knitting.
Wish me luck, x 


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so glad you decided to have a blog! Can't wait to see the finished elegant and refined, no doubt austen-worthy beanie!

  2. I wonder what colour beanie Jane would have chosen ;)

  3. Hilarious! I'm sure your silver beanie will be very stylish. You're just adding another adjective that can be used with "beanie"! "That's a stylish beanie," you'll be hearing people whisper as you walk by .... :)

    1. We obviously have the same fashion sense! I'll be alert for those whispers :)

  4. I did the same! Picked a brownish eggplant colour, which is neutral and knitted up lovely! Maybe a prettier colour next time😊 Your's looks lovely😊

    1. ooh, that colour sounds very elegant ;) We can have elegant beanies AND high-visibility beanies!

  5. That yarn looks so squish - I just want to pat it!
    Happy knitting,
    Sarah x

    PS "yo" means yarn over needle (to increase one) and "ssk" means slip one stitch, slip another stitch, and then knit the two slipped stitches together, to decrease one :-)

  6. Do knitters pat their yarn lovingly as fabric-a-holics do with their fabric? I promise not to blab ;)


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