stash busting

a yarn stash resolution

A.)  Do you love colour?
B.)  Do you love yarn?
C.)  Do you feel a thrill when a squishy parcel arrives in the post?
D.)  All of the above?
Chances are you also have a yarn addiction. You're not alone.

Lots of inspiration from Instagram, Ravelry and Pinterest resulted in the addition of quite a few balls of pretty yarn to my stash last year.
It's all yarn that still makes me feel excited, but I figured out I needed to stop (well slow down anyway) with the buying, and do some more using.

Seems I'm not the only one feeling this way. Sandra, who's blog Cherry Heart I always enjoy, wrote a post/ podcast earlier this year about buying way more yarn than she actually uses. and her thoughts on trying to achieve more and buy less. It's a comfort to read other people are thinking what you're thinking, and it's valuable to read about how they are going to tackle the issue. If you click on the link above you can learn what Sandra's strategies are.

My own plan is to use get busy and use up one basket of yarn scraps. Nothing too energetic or too clever, just get in and do it. 

Five year old Max needs a blanket for his teddies? Done! I got a big kick out of letting him loose in the basket of scraps to choose what colours he wanted. 

Dishcloths ............. always useful,

granny squares waiting for a project ......

There are still several balls waiting to be used, perhaps coat hanger covers? ... so much better for your clothes. I've seen are some really cute ones on Pinterest :)


Happy Autumn (good yarn weather!) to you, 
best wishes,


  1. I must confess that I too am a yarn addict. But shockingly I only placed one yarn order last year. It's true! All my other projects I stash-busted and now I nearly have no stash left (probably not correct, there's a good deal there, but it feels like it!). And in place of all that yarn is a blanket, almost finished, I've only one square left to do.

    Your lovely photos of the pretty yarn does not help the cause Kellie, it makes me want MORE! Good thing some arrived in the post today :-)

    Yay for autumn! Happy knitting, crocheting and all round crafting,
    Sarah xx

    1. Firstly, I must stress that any confessions made here will stay here ;) Your blanket squares are beautiful Sarah, and only one left to do? Even talking about yarn makes me want to go yarn shopping too xo

  2. Sometimes the squishy parcels also contain another addiction...I will whisper it quietly...fabric. When you have finished conquering your yarn addiction - something I admit I have a SMALL addiction for that is can solve the fabric addiction crisis!

    1. Ahhh the fabric addiction ... the way to solve that crisis is to move to a larger house! :) xo

  3. I see a Pink Art Viva Crochet Hook peeking out of that glorious yarn stash. Hope it has been hooking up a storm Kellie, it's just too adorable to ignore :D


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