Bohemian crocheted granny cushion

Yarn love, scrappy love, colour love

This cushion has it all for me. 

It's scrappy and it has a rainbow load of colour. Then there's all its squishy, cuddliness.
I even love the inside of the cushion cover.

Continuing with my stash busting plan I got started on a granny square cushion.

Even though I've been crocheting granny squares for years I'd never tried the technique of joining the squares as I went along. I found this photo sequence which explained the technique very clearly.

The cushion front was heaps of fun to create.

A row of double crochet around the edge of all the squares helps to give a smoother edge.

The jade green I used around each colourful centre, was turning out to give a darker appearance than I had imagined. A lighter coloured border helped to give the cushion a lighter look.
This combination was my favourite.

Every front needs a back though. What to do?
Using the original test square (which had been made months earlier) as the beginning point, I made the happy decision to just go for it ... add a new side wherever I felt like it.

The cushion back could even have a top section which had a different look to the bottom section. Very adventurous! 😃
The top section of the cushion back was going to have a flower (great opportunity to practice another new technique found on Pinterest),

or even several flowers and some running stitch.

A wide and open zigzag stitch was used to sew the zipper to the top and bottom sections of the cushion back.

Add an embroidered rosebud as a zipper stop.

The bohemian granny cushion looks like she's having a good time!

The front and back of the cushion were joined together using the same method for joining the small granny squares.
When finishing the border around the front squares, I ran out of the pink I was using, but substituting another shade of pink kind of works in with the relaxed approach.

A final edge of pink with a scallop edging all the way around.

I see more granny squares in my future!
This gorgeous tea towel was the inspiration for this adventure in crocheting. It was designed by Anna Chandler and I doubt it will ever be used for drying the dishes. 😊

Happy scrap busting,


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous Kellie! I just love it! So cheerful and fun and full of detail :-) That tea towel looks more like an artwork! Megan :-)

    1. It was a good decision to buy that tea towel wasn't it, lol !! xo

  2. It's so beautiful! And all this yarn goodness is making me reach for my needles ❤️ And I agree, the tea towel is too lovely to dry dishes. Definitely belongs in the "used to cover biscuits & cakes when guests are present" pile :-)

    1. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has too-good-to-use tea towels :) xo

  3. This cushion is absolutely gorgeous Kellie! You did an amazing job! It's so colorful and happy :-) It reminds me of a beautiful summer garden with flowers in full bloom. Love it! Great step by step pictures too. I hope to make one someday :-)

    1. Thank you so very much for the cushion love! It's a great excuse to save every tiny length of beautiful yarn - who needs a reason! :) xo

  4. It's divine! I just love those flowers you've created and added. What a wonderful idea. Thank you for yet another inspirational post.

    1. It was a lot of fun to take the scenic route when deciding what to add next. Thank you for dropping in xo


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