Hello 2018

Skirts for girls .....

Here we are in February already, and I'm wondering what everyone has been up to 😊. 
January feels like it should still be taken as holiday time, and by extension I suppose that means that by February one should be getting back into the swing of things.

I have started my year wearing a splint. It limits the movement of a couple of tendons which were complaining. The physio allowed me to choose the strap colour, and I think the brightness of the pink helps with the healing process don't you? 
The injury was sorted out before very long so there is no need to have the whole hand immobilised. Whole hand immobilised? - not a happy thought. Note to self ... get those annoying aches seen to sooner rather than later as it can make a big difference in the recovery process. 

But on to less fluorescent subjects.
 You know when you see something so very beautiful that you really can't say no? I couldn't say that "n" word to this beautiful fabric from Sevenberry when it wanted to jump into my shopping cart. The Oriental surface designs screamed to me of casual elegance. 

It's 100% cotton, and heavier than say a quilting cotton. I bought ½ yard pieces of 5 designs as well as 1 yard of yet a different design, in case I ran short. I chopped them into big squares, rearranged them, and duly sewed them back together again.
In some places I was able to leave the fluffy selvedge showing on the outside, instead of turning the seam allowance to the inside. I love the variety of texture it adds.

One of my most used patterns was the template for cutting skirt pieces from the newly arranged squares. NewLook 6354 is a handy multi-sized pattern which is quick, easy and comfortable for everyday wear. 

Speaking of patterns, I found this beauty in a local Op Shop and thought I'd give it a good home even if I never use it.
Wait ... is there a rule that says we have to use every pattern we buy? I do hope not!

If there was a rule like that I would have been on the edge of big trouble with this Amy Butler "Cabo Halter" pattern I bought about 8 years ago.   

Using these patterns together was a good base for ...
(drum roll)

a cool, maxi-dress made in Rifle Paper Company's Menagerie jungle design in Hunter Green, and perfect for a hot Queensland Summer.

The tassels took a little while to make and sew on, but they're oh so festive!

A little bit of housekeeping ... I recently changed mobile phones and since that time I haven't been able to access my shop sew_ mimi.k_boutique 
I'd like to apologise to anyone who may have tried to contact me through it. 

Thank you very much for reading along with me today, I hope we can catch up again soon,
best wishes,

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