rocky road

rocky road ... yum

        Happy Easter! Are you having a noisy egg hunt type Easter, or are you enjoying a quiet long            weekend all to yourself? Our Easter will be noisy with all our kids and their families catching up with one another at our house. That, to me, is heaven. And if I have to sneak off to sit in the walk-in-robe to do a little bit of mindful crochet, that will be good too.

But before the hugs begin I wanted to share my recipe for rocky road with you. It's the Easter chocolate preference for my not-so-little-ones.

I allow about 250g of good quality chocolate per person, zapping it in the microwave for 40 seconds, then 30 seconds. Stir any unmelted chunks in with a metal spoon.

Add marshmallows. I used to cut up the large ones but got fed up with them sticking to the knife, so now I use little marshmallow bakes.

Nuts are nice too for that bit of crunch. I pop them in the food processor for a little smash up, but not too small. Any kinds of nuts go in.

The secret weapon is turkish delight, cut into small jewels.

Mix everything together and spread it to harden on baking paper. Cutting into pieces is best done just before it's properly set, unless you'd like random slabs which is best done after setting.

Sumptuous deliciousness!
Have a safe and happy Easter,

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