Squares 4 and 5 Casual Granny CAL 2018

Square #4 and square #5

Did anyone see where May went? It passed by before I could write a blog post to welcome square #4 to my Casual Granny Crochet-A-Long rug. So today's post is a joint greeting to square #4 the Compass square and square #5 the Aztec square. Hello squares!

If you've been following along with Mandy's REDAGAPE Casual Granny CAL 2018 blog posts, you will have been busily making your 8 x Compass granny squares throughout the month of May. 

The plain centre of the granny square was a great opportunity to add lots of colours.

Those beautifully defined corners of the Compass square also introduced to me a new stitch, the front post triple treble , or fpttr for short. (Is it only me who's been trying to say "fpttr" out loud?) 
Mandy made a new Tiny Tutorial video for those us who haven't come across this stitch yet. It's the tallest stitch I've met so far, the equivalent of 5 chain high.

Square number 5 was revealed by Mandy yesterday. (Doesn't each new reveal add excitement to the beginning of the month 😃!) You can find Mandy's free pattern for the Aztec granny square right here.  

Flowers have been my inspiration for the rug so far, so in my mind I've been calling my version of square #5 , the "Aztec Rose" square.  
Don't forget you can see lots and lots of beautiful granny squares made by the clever crocheters joining in the casual granny CAL 2018 on Instagram.

Only five granny square designs to go now!
Thank you for dropping in today. Until next time, happy crafting,

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