My new favourite cushion

A pretty cushion cover

A pretty cushion cover was way overdue for my bed. When I say way overdue ... I'm talking four years overdue. 
I'm not sure why it is, but we makers can always find time to make things for others, but finding time to make something for ourselves is way down the list.

I decided it was time to break into my stash of Tanya Whelan fabrics. Her designs are very pretty and very romantic, yet with a modern twist.

The "Matilda's own - small hexagon set" has been one of my favourite purchases. I can use a rotary cutter to cut them out quickly and neatly.

Having using the G sized template to cut out the hexagons, I was able to piece the top together quickly using the sewing machine. The hand quilting process gave me a new appreciation for each of the different fabric designs.

The back of the cushion cover had me stumped though, something to complement the front but not a repeat of the front.
To add hexagons ... or not to add hexagons? That was the question.

The problem with making up one's own designs is that one has to come up with all the solutions as well.
And there are often times, like in life, where walking away from the problem can help you get closer to the solution .... which sounds awfully like a bit of hobbit philosophy.

So now, I don't know which I side I like best.

Both !

Until next time,
take care, xo Kellie


  1. Oh it's so pretty Kellie! I recognise most of those fabrics from Megan's former makes...some of them I used the scraps of on my knitted toys.

    I've just subscribed by email and wanted to say how pretty the new pink look is!

    Sarah x

  2. Your toys are so lucky! Megan has great taste. Thank you for the feedback on the pink :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful! And more Hobbit philosophy please! 😊


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