The Quilting Gift - part 2

Finishing the cushion

Bailee decided a crocheted edge would look pretty. She chose two pastel colours of cotton yarn from Mimi's yarn stash. 

To prepare the cover for crocheting, Mimi firstly used a dressmakers awl to make holes around the edge of the cushion.
Bailee then did a blanket stitch all the way around. 
The instructions for Mimi's crocheted trim are below.

Use a 4mm crochet hook.

Row 1 :   1 dc in each blanket stitch, with 1 dc 2 ch 1 dc in each corner. Sl st into the first dc when you reach the beginning.

Change colour. 

Row 2 :   *1 tr into third dc from hook, 1 tr into same dc, 3 ch, 1 sl st into same dc* repeat all the way around. Join with a sl st when you reach the beginning.

Bailee was overjoyed with how her finished cushion cover looked.

The cushion cover would remind her everyday of the happy hours she had spent creating it with Mimi's help. Every part of the finished cushion cover brought to mind a memory of shared laughter, perseverance and small triumphs. 
She had learnt to value the results of her efforts, even those times when the project didn't quite turn out as she'd anticipated.

Bailee tried to tell her grandmother how grateful she was for all the help she'd given. She wanted to say thank you for the patience, knowledge and advice Mimi had given her granddaughter over the years.

"I'm so glad you're pleased with how your cushion turned out Bailee," Mimi replied. 

"But you should know that the time we have spent together making the cushion, is the best quilting gift of all. You have given me the greatest quilting gift .... the gift of passing these skills on to someone else. I am the lucky one".

                                                                       the end
                                                       (for this particular story anyway)

This has been, I realise, a rather wordy approach to take when describing how this cushion was made. 

It's not quite a true story, as it was I who made the cushion, but I would like to add that my granddaughter Bailee is enthusiastically building her making skills and we do spend school holidays laughing while we work on projects.

The gift of an enthusiastic student is a very special thing,



  1. It's gorgeous Kellie! I really enjoyed the sweet story too x

  2. Thank you for popping in to read it Megan, I'm glad you enjoyed it x

  3. You really do know how to spin a yarn ... So to speak! Another enchanting story! Thank you. X


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