I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

... and a rainforest theme

"Rainforest!? A rainforest Christmas theme?? ...
We haven't had classic red and green for a few years ... we could have that?
How about we revamp the shabby chic look we had two years ago? ...
Blue and silver was nice ... we could do a nautical theme again? ...

Christmas decorating - and eating, has high priority in my life, a gene which has been inherited in degrees by my children and their loved ones. Anyone caught in my vicinity from July onwards, runs the risk of being cornered by a lengthy discussion on the merits of different decorating themes.

Which brings me to this year's conversation with my daughter-in-law and her challenge to use the theme of "rainforest" as Christmas decorating inspiration. Once I'd stopped blinking and started thinking, "rainforest" suddenly had potential.
Our gold, silver, white and green decorations are already a perfect base to add rainforesty tweaks to. 

Living in Queensland, Australia, I love our lush, green, tropical garden. The view from my studio includes palm trees which have already decorated themselves for Christmas with their bright red seeds ..... 

....  which inspired me to think of small, red felt balls ....

 .... and red felt stars ...

  .... as well as red felt hearts (just because).

A large eyed needle and a ball of perle 8 cotton soon turn the felt balls into dangles of palm tree seeds, all ready to scatter through the Christmas greenery. 

I think they look better hanging in large groups ...

... just like Mother Nature intended.

I'm so glad you were able to drop in today so you could see the Christmas decorating progress. There is sure to be more soon as Christmas creeps closer.

Best wishes,



  1. Oh Kellie that you for posting this!!!! The palm trees red seeds are amazing inspiration!! I only know a coconut palm, not this red bead beauty❤️❤️❤️! I used to change theme every year, but have been on a 1950's theme for a while now. I'm getting nostalgic in my golden years ������

    1. I'm so glad you it enjoyed Kim! This is an Alexander Palm. Their red seeds are gorgeous. Your 50s Christmas theme sounds wonderful, hope we see photos soon ;) xo

  2. I absolutely love your felt ball strings. They look so good!
    Love all of your Christmas photos too, so pretty <3

    Sarah x

    1. They feel lovely too! As well as being nice to use. Win, win, win :) x

  3. Christmas at yours looks so beautiful!

    1. Thank you Megan, I find glitter on my face frequently at this time of year ;) x

  4. Kellie, you are simply the most creative person I know! I LOVE the red felt balls and hearts ..... strung together beautifully ..... you must be crafting from daybreak to beyond sunset to achieve what you do. Thank you! xx

    1. To be crafting all day sounds like Christmas to me!! xo


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