A Christmas tree skirt

Feeling a lot like Christmas

I'm very pleased to report the Christmas tree skirt is spending this Christmas around its very own Christmas tree. It would be even more wonderful if the skirt was completely and abso-tively finished but "almost" is enough just for now.
You see if we wait until the tree skirt is really, really finished, that poor tree's bottom will be naked for yet another year, and nobody wants that.
So .... ta- da !!

So far the tree skirt quilt is assembled but as you can see, it is without quilting or applique.
But it's good to have something to look forward to next year, right?
It is basically a 6' diameter Dresden plate patchwork block, with an edging of multi-coloured prairie points. There are 16 wedges making up the circle.
One seam has been left open so the skirt can be easily spread around the tree, or removed after the tree is decorated should one of Santa's reindeer happen to ..... well, you can imagine what a mess that would make ;)
 The prairie points were cut at 4 1/2" square, then folded and pressed into triangles.
My son's legs are keeping a close eye on that skirt!
My son's wish for next Christmas? ... some applique and quilting to make the skirt more like Mum's.

What's that? ... Your son doesn't want applique for Christmas?
One of my wishes for 2017 is to create a PDF pattern for this Christmas tree skirt, so I've asked Santa for 10 day weeks next year!
I hope your Christmas preparations are going according to plan, whether you're a "last-minute" type girl or you've had Christmas gifts wrapped since May.

Whichever you are, I wish you lots of joy this Christmas season,


  1. It looks lovely Kellie! I really like the prairie point edging.
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas too x

    1. Thank you Sarah, I don't use them a lot but they always look special. Thank you for the Christmas wishes :) I hope your Christmas is splendid as well! xo

  2. I just had a mad idea! What if you made a skirt that received a new applique every Christmas? So it starts off blank and then each Christmas is recorded on it with the year and different picture? Told you I was nuts ;-) It's gorgeous! I agree, 10 day weeks for me too please Mr. Claus!

    1. That mad idea is a really good one! what a lovely idea. I'll run it past the owner of the tree skirt :) x

  3. You make me feel so much better .... ;)


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