The Quilting Gift - part 2

Finishing the cushion

Bailee decided a crocheted edge would look pretty. She chose two pastel colours of cotton yarn from Mimi's yarn stash. 

The Quilting Gift - part 1

just for fun short story about a cushion

School holidays had arrived and Bailee had once again come to stay at her grandparents' house. It was always fun staying there as Bailee and her grandmother spent lots of time creating pretty things. It was Mimi who had taught her how to quilt and sew.

"Quilting and piecing", Mimi said, "is just like life Bailee. We take what we have and rearrange the pieces until we have something with which we can be content. Sometimes the fabrics are bright, sometimes they are muted, but they all have their place. It's not what we're given, but how we put it to use that makes everything fit together". 

At first, Bailee had helped Mimi to choose fabrics for Mimi to sew together on her behalf, but as Bailee grew older, she gradually learnt to choose fabrics on her own, and even learnt how to operate the sewing machine safely. 

My new favourite cushion

A pretty cushion cover

A pretty cushion cover was way overdue for my bed. When I say way overdue ... I'm talking four years overdue. 
I'm not sure why it is, but we makers can always find time to make things for others, but finding time to make something for ourselves is way down the list.

I decided it was time to break into my stash of Tanya Whelan fabrics. Her designs are very pretty and very romantic, yet with a modern twist.

Chanel Beanie

a beanie called "Chanel"

Winter may be toying with us, giving bright, sunny skies the colour of periwinkles and the chance to go barefeet, but I'm not falling for winter's capricious charms! Along with a sleeveless top and barefeet, I will also be wearing my new beanie Chanel, just in case Winter decides to resume its rightful dominance at this time of year.

The addition of a fuschia silk pompom guarantees Chanel will not be borrowed to cheer Queensland along at the next state of origin football game, nor go skateboarding at the local skate park.
Chanel is mine ....... all m.i.n.e !!!

The Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran is so soft and very, very light to wear. 
The 90% wool and 10% Angora blend was an absolute treat for my hands while knitting. I used 5mm needles as was suggested on the label. Using a size 4.0 mm crochet hook and some hoarded pink silk, I made one row of double crochet along the bottom edge to match the pompom. 
The pattern for the beanie is a freebie I found on the Debbie Bliss website here . It was very easy, with just a little simple decreasing.

Hello beanie

Hello beanie hat

Winter has finally arrived in our beautiful corner of the world, bringing with it maximum temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius and minimum temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius ..... it's a wonderful place to live.

Nevertheless, the drop in temperature during our late afternoon walks, is making the tips of my ears ache. Solution? A beanie! I'll knit one.

"Real" knitters know the meaning of mysterious abbreviations like "yo" and "ssk" (kiss spelt backwards?) Me, I'm more of a have-at-it type of knitter. Knitting a beanie for this Winter, i.e. now, seemed like good idea at the time.

First, decide on the yarn. I found a delicious looking Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran online. I could tell from the number of words in its name, that it would be special. 

Next, choose the colour. Hmmm ... something neutral to go with a maximum number of outfits. I settled on the Silver. 
Silver sounded elegant, refined and alluring. The silver yarn was ordered.

Silver yarn duly arrived. My initial reaction ... I was sure it had a great personality. 
It did feel gorgeous though, being 90% Wool and 10% Angora.


Hello there ...

my name is Kellie, and this is my first ever blog ... hooray, I finally made it!

I am a "maker". When my children were little they referred to any creative pursuit as "making", and I think that term fits pretty well.

This is probably a good point to confess that while I may have fun blogging, I am an absolute novice in blogland. But I figure if I don't try something dangerous every now and again, life will get a bit ho-hum.

My first language is definitely "fabric",

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