I'm dreaming of a green Christmas

... and a rainforest theme

"Rainforest!? A rainforest Christmas theme?? ...
We haven't had classic red and green for a few years ... we could have that?
How about we revamp the shabby chic look we had two years ago? ...
Blue and silver was nice ... we could do a nautical theme again? ...

Grocery Bag tutorial

Homemade and hard working

While most of us don't usually jump out of bed to yell "hooray, it's grocery shopping day!",
it still has to be done, for ever and ever. I am always grateful to be able to purchase the grocery items which we need and want, but it's still a bit of a chore and anything which will make that chore easier is most welcome.

Madame Dressform and the Hem

Time for "me" sewing 

It seems to be a common issue among makers that we can easily find time to make things for other people, but finding time to sew for ourselves? ... later alligator.
When the only apron left in my kitchen was a child sized one, it was clearly time to bite the bullet and do some sewing for me.  
Strolling (which sounds better than the clucking flurry I usually effect) through town I spied two pretty tea towels which could be easily transformed into aprons. Use the scissors to cut two slight curves, whack on several lengths of 1" cotton twill tape and voila ...

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