Backing and batting

to quilt vb. to stitch numerous layers together as one 

In my last post I mentioned that snail mail had delivered a very special quilt top to my house.

I've spent some quality time with it, checking and pressing seams, and now we're both ready to move onto the next phase of our relationship. 

Preparing a quilt top for quilting

Let's talk quilt tops 

 A parcel in the post is always a thrill, even when one knows the "surprise" is coming. It's especially exciting when it's a crafty parcel.

This particular especially exciting parcel contained a quilt top... but no ordinary quilt top.

This quilt top has united the talents of twelve patchworkers from all over Australia. How exciting is that! 

This beautiful quilt top took me three hours to prepare for quilting ... yes, that's  three whole hours before it went anywhere near the quilting machine. Where did all that time go?

Dishcloths and diamonds

Dishcloth fever has well and truly hit. 

When they first appeared in the kitchen, they were hardly cast a second glance. 
Their presence was accepted without question. In dark corners they began to multiply.

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