Ready to quilt

I love quilting!

In earlier posts I described how I prepared a quilt top for quilting, as well as basting together the top, the batting and the backing fabric. And now I'm ready to quilt.
Have I ever mentioned I love quilting? 
Quilting gives me the chance to tell the story of the quilt top. 

By changing the quilting design, my deer friend can be a Christmas deer ...

Join me in a cuppa

I've been busy whipping up some pretty crockery         

 ... unfortunately it's not dishwasher safe. 

September already?

That means it's only 16 weeks till Christmas! 

August is Winter here in the southern hemisphere, not a very cold Winter I grant you, but it's still Winter and the wrong weather entirely for Christmas.
So with the change of season, a waft of balmy breeze blows through the window, and my thoughts turn to Christmas.
Actually, any time of year turns my thoughts to Christmas.
I confess I adore, love, and shiver with excitement whenever I think of Christmas.

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