"A" is for Amigurumi, adorable, and addictive

Dear Blog ....

I'm sorry I have neglected you for a little while, but you see, what with a happy, busy Christmas and spending time with my lovely family, I've been rather busy.
There's one more thing I need to mention. I ... errr .... have found a new amour. Before you say anything, it wasn't anything you did I promise. It's me ... not you.  
It all started with an apple .....

Oh dear, does that sound a little Adam and Eve-ish? This particular creation is rather more  Dolly Henry Design Co. -ish I assure you. Apple May blossomed (?) into fruition via the crochet hook of Megan and a pattern by Sedef Imer . I was smitten, I wanted more Amigurumi.

Then came a book and a pair of pears.

Lovely Ange thought I'd have fun with "Tendre Crochet" written by Sandrine Deveze. I was so excited! 
Oh, and by the way, it's the original French version. Okay, sorry ... J'etais tellement excite!

 My high school French teacher would be gratified (and stunned) to know that some of the French language he oh-so-painfully struggled to instill into my teenage brain, was finally going to be put to practical use.
Between five years of schoolgirl French, Hercule Poirot and Google Translator, as well as a lifetime of crocheting experience, I created two pairs ... oops one pair ... of pears.

The good news is this book is now published in English as well. Bravo!

Though relishing my romp through the fruit bowl of Amigurumi, I was ready to explore further.

Enter Wynne Bunny.
This adorable wee lass hopped into my life when my friend Ali asked me if I'd like to test her very first, very cute Amigurumi pattern. Really really??? Wynne Bunny wasn't the only one capable of hopping up and down. 
Ali's blog Arabesque Scissors always inspires me with its beautiful photography, a veritable feast of darned cute projects and Ali's attention to detail.

My monogrammed pincushion above, which Ali gifted to me, is exquisitely finished and (almost) too fabulous to have pins stuck into it.  

The Wynne Bunny pattern being a PDF pattern, the instructions to make my own Wynne Bunny were soon delivered directly to my computer. Sometimes I just loooove computers and the internet 😉.
There turned out to be just enough yarn to make my Wynne Bunny from one ball of my favourite Vinnis Nikkim cotton yarn. 

The pattern is very easy to follow, is in ENGLISH, and has loads of excellent photographs and very helpful tips.
Because she's such a pretty little bunny I embroidered a tiny embroidered rosebud on the bottom of each dainty foot/ paw.

Ali promises a pattern for clothing will soon follow. Oooh ... teeny couture!
Until then, Wynne Bunny is very happy with her very own quilt.

Thank you for reading along today. I'm hoping you'll be able to join me next time when I will be writing about how I made Wynne's mini quilt.

Bye for now,
best wishes,


  1. I think your blog will forgive you Kellie upon returning with such a delightful post. I love your crochet - it is truly adorable - and I very much enjoyed reading this post!

    Sarah x

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it Sarah, this doesn't mean I've given up dish cloths though ;) xo

  2. Oh my goodness! How cute is your little Wynne bunny? I really enjoyed this post, Amigurumi is so much fun, isn't it? And hello Apple May!! :-)

    1. Thank you for popping in Megan, this Amigurumi is lots of fun! xo

  3. Somehow I got distracted, and never actually read this one...bad internet :-( but anyways, your crochet is simply lovely, and I can never thankyou enough for testing Wynne for me...xxAli

  4. You are so talented Kellie!!! Your makes are absolutely beautiful!!! Your feed always leaves a smile on my face and inspires me!!! So happy I found you through Ali!!!!


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