Sweet Pea Lane

Little crocheted houses

Tucked away in a special place where the houses are crocheted and mushrooms abound, there is a quiet little street called Sweet Pea Lane  ....

On the corner is an imposing double storey manor.

In the middle is a pretty blue cottage,

and tucked away at the bottom of the lane is a teeny, sweet pink house.

If you wander through the trees and walk around to the back of the houses,

you'll see they are having a party. The inhabitants of Sweet Pea Lane are celebrating a birthday,

which was actually back in January,

but sometimes it takes a little while for the right inspiration to come along.

I wanted to make houses that would not flop over when standing on a shelf,
but have loops to hang them by as well. They'd look cute hanging in a row I think ... don't you?

The houses of Sweet Pea Lane have a little secret though.

I remember how excited I was when at nine years old I met my first babushka doll. It belonged to a friend's mother but she kindly allowed me to play with it ... they have fascinated me ever since :)
I'd like to introduce the babushka houses.

Inside each house is ... another house.

And inside the smallest house was a special treat for the birthday girl.
Each hanging loop is large enough to slip over your wrist when a house is in use and your hands are full of yarn/ fabric/ thread.

Perhaps we should should think of them as an early birthday gift for next year Megan ?

Thank you for popping in and reading along with me today,
best wishes,


  1. They are just so very very beautiful and perfect Kellie!! I am just blown away by such an amazing gift...good things come to those who wait and I received three VERY good things in the shape of these houses!

    1. I'm so pleased you like them Megan ... a special gift for a very, very special friend :) xox

  2. Absolutely adorable - what a clever idea. Babushka houses indeed. The detail is exquisite to say the least. xx

    1. Oh shucks Helen, you're making me blush!! xo


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